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Mason Litowsky - 666 Sick Thoughts

GreenBones - Death From Below

Official Music Video

Mason Litowsky is a solo artist from Medicine Hat, Alberta. He works within the scene as a musician and show organizer. In 2019 we took the time to work on this single that he released in Winter 2019. He worked on this while helping organize a local festival as well as working on an ep with his other band.  I went through and made a lyric video for him to go with the song as I really enjoyed working with him on the project. 

GreenBones are a Grunge/Alt Rock band from Lethbridge AB. Over the winter of 2019 this 3 piece came down to record a 5 track EP. During one of the songs, I grabbed a bunch of cameras and set them up around the tracking room and control room to see what we would capture. IT was enough to create a pretty cool music video. So after I had finished all the mixing and mastering, I went through the footage to match up as many of the shots that I could. A majority of the shots used are of the moment we were able to capture for the song in the mix. 

Crimson Caliber - 

Manufactured Genocide

GreenBones -

Fractured Wisdom

Nate Bohnet -

Solo Material

GreenBones are a Grunge/Alt Rock band from Lethbridge AB. Over the winter of 2019 this 3 piece came down to record a 5 track EP. We worked on this ep throughout the winter, and they released it on June 21st 2019 on all Streaming Platforms 

Crimson Caliber is a Thrash Metal band from Medicine Hat, Alberta. They came to the studio throughout the spring of 2018 and we worked hard on making this ep sound better and tighter than the previous ep "Red Dawn Rising". We tracked live drums and which was the greatest challenge. They released this ep "Manufactured Genocide"

I write and release music once in a while maintain my own personal songwriting skills. The first ep was done throughout 2 years and consists of organic performances from myself on the instrumental end, as well as a bunch of wicked musicians and vocalists in Southern Alberta  

The Concrete Wasteland Podcast

I started this podcast with a few buddies back in 2017. We have featured multiple wicked underground artists, and have had some wicked interviews with some of the people that are currently working hard in the underground music scene. New episodes every 3-4 weeks


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