• Nathanael Bohnet

I Did A Thing! But It wasn't easy

So a few months ago I was reached out to a buddy in a engineer forum I am a part of. He wrote this wicked instrumental and was looking for vocalists to maybe take a stab at writing something for it. I thought the track sounded brilliant and wanted to do something with it. So I reached out to Mats, and over the course of a few months I worked on the vocal concept I wanted to go for. Mats had told me that he felt this was the best track he had written to date and I wanted to deliver the same on my end.

But, that took me awhile. I had to get over visiting concepts and themes I may have already touched on in past songs. I had to figure out what I wanted to do for cleans as I knew they had to be in there somewhere. Finally after 3 separate attempts at writing lyrics I almost gave up. Then after looking over my three different pages I realized they all touched on the same theme and topics. So I split them all up into individual lines and created the lyrics from that, making changes along the way that needed to be made. I can say that after all of that time that I am proud of how this all ended up sounding in the end.

This all came from me reaching out to someone who lives on a different continent. Dont forget how much possibility there is for all us in this modern age. We all have the ability to connect with people past just writing on someones wall. We can create something, and build something, even if we are on separate continents

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