• Nathanael Bohnet

Looking Back on Episode 50

So, I go back to old episodes of the podcast once in a while to check a few things. Generally I listen for gaffs in quality or ways the show could be improved. But when I am fortunate enough to have guests in the studio, I generally listen back to see if there was anything in there that is worth reflecting on. Episode 50 is an episode where there is a lot to reflect on. DJ Temple lays down some hard truths, tells some very insightful stories, and honestly strikes a few chords with not just myself, but Matt and Shawn as well. If you have not yet, I would really like you to take the time to listen to the Ep 50 of The Concrete Wasteland. You can find it on most streaming platforms, so it should be easy for you to locate. The video is linked below.

I think it would be awesome if you posted something that you took away from the podcast in the comments here, on the video, or on the Concrete Wasteland facebook page so we can all dive into it a bit more.

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