• Nathanael Bohnet


OK so a few weeks ago I was offered the opportunity to volunteer as a stage hand for Loud As Hell 8, and you better bet I jumped all over that. 4 days of metal in the heart of the badlands where the dinosaurs used to roam, who wouldn't take that up?

I got to see 40 amazing bands kill it on stage, Some were killer locals Crimson Caliber and Raising The Ruins, others were favorites of mine like Stab.Twist.Pull and Dead Asylum, and others were just straight up powerhouses such as Planet Eater and the headliner GOATWHORE.

You can imagine a lot was happening, and I still managed to site down with Raising The Ruins for a podcast episode

I was also able to capture some of the festival on camera. So when I got home I made a few videos up. If you want to check out what Loud As Hell is all about then feel free to check out my 3 part series on the festival.

Also look up Widows Peak, then be ready for a podcast episode with them to drop this Saturday.

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